Do we need to meet physically before I can submit my documents?

You don’t have to visit our office and we don’t need to meet physically before sending us jobs. We deal with clients all around the world and it’s all through emails and phone calls. When you contact us, we request that you provide us with a phone number or email which would be used to reach you in case we need to make clarification on your jobs

In what format can I send my documents?

We prefer you send any materials to treat in an editable format. It is better sent in soft copy before printing.

Are my documents and contact information safe?

We will never share, sell, or rent your personal information. All information you provide us is kept with respect to your privacy and is only made available at your request or on completion of your job. And also, all our editors have a confidentiality agreement signed with us.

What are the benefits of using your services?

Makes your documents error free and very persuasive

Saves you unexpected embarrassment

It guards your reputation in any field

You worry less about typographical errors

What kind of editing requests can I make?

Everything written – from academic works to business and personal write-ups.

Can I cancel a placed request?

You can cancel a request within 24 hours. And if it is past 24 hours a small percentage of the cost price will be charged.

Will my documents be deleted after I get the completed jobs?

We will keep your documents for a 60-day period after which we will delete them from our database based on your request.

What are your hours of operation?

You can contact us by e-mail from 7am to 6pm CAT Monday-Friday. You may give us a call from 8am to 5pm CAT. However, you are free to submit your documents to us at any time of day. Please be aware that orders made after 5pm will be treated the following day, and those received over the weekend will be handled on Monday.

What payment options are available?

We will get in touch with you on how to make payments once your order has been placed.

How much will my editing job cost?

Our rates are spelt out on our services pages. To get the cost of your order: Divide your document’s entire word count by 400 to find out the number of pages you have and then multiply the number of pages by the rate per page for the turnaround time you need.

If you have any enquiry or you want us to give you an estimate, please contact us.

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